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Jan 22, 2011

Web Designers Rejoice - More Seamless Backgrounds!

I've got the busiest weekend I've seen in months (and the busiest to come in 2011, I reckon). There are four Web projects to complete and only one more day off from the regular job. So in my hurry to create bg images for one blog project I stumbled upon the coolest tiling background image site ever...
...ava7 patterns!

I'm in love! Users choose the primary color, pattern direction, or orientation, then scroll around the page to see how the swatches fit together on the Web page. Hit 'preview' and a cool bit of PHP tiles the image across the entire page so that you can see if it's not enough, too much, or just right!

Stick it in your bag of resources, I swear--for patterned backgrounds--it's a keeper!

1 comment:

ubalt said...

I KNOW!! I love this!