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Oct 9, 2009

Membership: Does it have it’s privileges?

By On 09:26
As a designer two years out of undergrad--soon to be fresh out of grad school—I’m a member of the premiere organization for professionals in this field. I’m also a member of the secondary org, and a couple groups that have nothing at all to do with graphic design whatsoever. When I made my first dues payment, I wondered if it was worth it. I’m sure many new designers wonder about that too. My mentor, Bob Shelley, put it into perspective for me.

It’s important to network within your field, but it’s more important to network outside of it. While graphic design firms may not search the AIGA member rolls to find the newest member of their art department, groups of architects, contractors or physicians are more likely to search their associate members listings for freelancers.

The professional organization membership also allows you to take classes at reduced rates, enhance your resume, get preferred pricing at annual meetings and conventions, and get your name out to t broader audience. So when it’s time to renew, consider a membership in an organization outside of design.