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Apr 24, 2017

Multimedia Open House at Earl S. Richardson Library

By On 10:20

In moving to promote the multimedia resources, I planned a brief, 2-hour, open house event to showcase the newest resources available to the community. This was accomplished with assistance from the team in the IT department.

First, as always, I started with the concept of technology and multimedia. The ideas were flying fast and loose until I reigned them in…simplicity is key to getting across any message. I settled on the icon cloud theme.

There is a level of exclusivity to being invited in card, with a hand scribbled note.

I’m probably a throwback, a relic, but I believe that people like to receive invitations to RSVP in a tangible format, rather than electronic. The next idea that followed was the invitation card. This was to be hand signed and delivered before the electronic messages began spamming the entire community.

The incidentals were then taken care of by our event sponsors: the freebies and other give-aways were furnished by Panopto and Smart Thinking. For my part, I created a series of informational fact sheets and branded signage—along with the updated website and e-blast messages, to pull this all together.

The most important part, however, was the hands on demonstrations and explanations that were given during this brief event. On the day we saw over 100 people in the 2 hours and I repeated my elevator pitch for the Record & Go Studio two-dozen times…whew.

All in all, it was a success.