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Dec 7, 2011

Build a Digital Magazine with Indesign CS5

By On 11:34

This is awesome because my formal training ended in the previous version. I ended up buying a decent textbook and walking through tutorials for hours to get a handle on the new CS5 upgrades.

This Week: Addy Awards Submission

By On 05:03
I should've done this when I was a student, but didn't. Now I've got to pay a higher application fee.

Anyway, this new job has offered me several opportunities to create--what Bert Smith knows as--elegant graphic design. I'm pretty darn happy and proud of the work I've done during my tenure.

My advice: Do you have some design work that makes you particularly proud? Submit it to a juried panel. You might win.  Application deadline for the 2011-12 Addy is January 6th, 2012