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Feb 8, 2012

Everybody Needs a Good Purge

By On 05:46
Well, we ladies do, anyway. I'm in the midst of planning the March 2012 iteration of the Binge and Purge clothing swap, and working on the logo. This time around I opened Illustrator and typed out the words--using the system default typeface--and then I got back to my day job :)

In bed last night the idea came to me that the glyph should play a feature role in the type solution so I came up with an over-sized ampersand and papaki. The photo element I found via Compfight and I thankfully credit Sharyn Morrow for her excellent photography.

I'm working out the date, so I saved s swath of room at the upper right of the design for that bit.
See the design for BNP 1, and BNP2

FYI, the general clothing donations will go to  Project PLASE and left over women's business attire will go to Dress for Success!