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Feb 11, 2015

(another) Teaching Update...

By On 07:33
This semester my students have a wide array of talents and interests to bring to the classroom. When reviewing the results of my Google Drive Form /survey I learned that about a third of students are juniors or seniors, and many have experience with Adobe Design suite, a few more have already worked with non-linear, time-based media and motion graphics. Walking into the class, I jokingly commented that they could probably teach me a thing or two.

Anyway, one student with a stronger design background (but little based in Photoshop) submitted her first project, the narrative graphic collage. The first design, below is quite good for Photoshop newbie--her attention to detail is evidenced by the careful cutout/isolation of the air balloons that were taken from multiple sources). But then she took my minimalist design notes and created an improved final version

(I’ll chalk that up to excellent teaching and critique):
Version one uses the image elements, color balance, and
even the text to create a feeling of movement.

Updated version moves the text to a more traditional location with a
more traditional baseline. Too many indicators or movement are overkill.