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Apr 1, 2016

Finding Balance on a Bike…

By On 18:41
Parked in DC, in spring.
Since grad school ended, I’ve had the opportunities to work and also volunteer with many dynamic organizations, companies, and individual clients. This is just one perk of my work.
It fits with my commitment to community engagement and my green(er) lifestyle. In addition to being dedicated to exceptional communications, effective design, and positive growth in my community (and planet). I’m committed to simplicity in all things. To this end I have chosen to live healthfully and employ this bike in a carbon-lite commuting existence.

Yeah, that’s great for those of us with the option to bike everywhere, but being accessible to clients and work means sometimes having to travel great distances. A bike is less than practical.

As I got rid of my private car in 2005—way back in my undergraduate years—motorized transport has always been a factor of my professional life; from MARC train, to metro, to driving on occasion. It became evident years ago that a balance must be struck.

Just last week, as a matter of fact, I undertook a week-long series of site visits and facilitated training workshops at various locations across the state; each necessitated at least an hour drive each way. I shudder to think how long I’d have to be on a bike, lugging my: led projector, laptop, course handouts, lunch, and water each way. What’s my long-distance transport? Zipcar, of course.

An annual membership means that I get to hop into a car, parked a block from my house, whenever I need to travel for work (right now, that usually means once a week, every month). Then I get to bike to my office or to campus to teach every other day. It’s the perfect