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Jun 28, 2008

2008 Identity, Posters, Magazine and Collateral

By On 11:03

These identities were created for individuals with small/growing business issues. The questions of elegance and relevance were addressed and mastered with all. 
The posters are a combination of work done for school and work done for individuals. My main goal was to show different treatments of style, use of fonts and vector illustration.

The Stripper spread is a piece created for a class that incorporated photography, journalism, layout. bittbox.com was an invaluable resource.

I had a lot of fun hanging out with bike messengers when researching the Guinness Bike Race poster.  My buddy Erin hosted the race around Baltimore and gave me more information than any non-messenger ever needs to aid in my creation of the poster. Prof. Smith loved it--not sure if it was because of his love of Baltimore's teeming subculture or his passion for a perfectly poured pint.

The Typography poster is a homage to one of my fave graphic and typography designers, Herb Lubalin.  I've since revisited the design. But I still love the starting point!

The Caribbean Nights Cruise poster and post cards were fun to work on. They were among the first pieces that I created for a large community event.  Simon Fong, selected the super fun typeface that brought the design to life!! Thanks Simon.

All of these early designs have a story.