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Feb 20, 2013

Student Design Joren Peters

By On 10:10
in a recent scouring on the interweb, I came across a beautiful design site that features student and professional designers. Th goal of this search is actually to try to develop some assignment models for  an intro to graphic design course that I'm developing. For most designers, the develop a typeface project is ubiquitous one that spans graphic design education through the ages.

For this project, students were given a foreign language newspaper and asked to redesign it, with an emphasis on the audience and on typorgaphy. Here, Joren shows not only the finished product but all steps in his process. Follow this link to view the full project:

Feb 10, 2013

More Letterpress: poster motto

By On 05:30
Hey design studio folks, what's your motto?

You Can't Get No is a 2-color letterpress poster by I am still alive and features the studio's motto.

Feb 9, 2013

Minimalist Design (for your pocket)

By On 05:41
My first instinct was to make myself one of these for my cash and cards. My second instinct was to share this beautiful minimalist design with you. Nothing Fancy, minimalist wallets, are created from a single piece of leather by London-based designer Chieh Ting Huang. Check them out:

Feb 8, 2013

RoundUp: Letterpress Type Tutorials

By On 05:20
Way back in July I got the Shutterstock e-news with a gorgeous letterpress tutorial.  I've meant to create a link to this awesome project for designers who want to know. So here it is, plus a few more tutorials on creating the letterpress look with Adobe, HTML and CSS:

Learn how to make this awesome invitation at the Shutterstock Blog

This is a great Photoshop tutorial from Pugly Pixel

Learn how to create tetterpress type using CSS, at ilovecolors.com

Use Adobe Fireworks and CSS to create this graphic style, from Smashing Magazine