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Jan 25, 2017

I Accidentally Invented a Better Commute

By On 08:49

I often wonder if part of the reason I love my job so (damn) much is because of my stellar commute. In the beginning I biked the 2 miles to my office until a serious wrist sprain changed my mind. Today my bi-pedal commute consists of walking, strolling, shambling, rushing, and occasionally running (to cross the street).

This morning, I got thinking about whether this walk is truly one of the sources of my happiness. I have only the anecdotal evidence of my experience—and common sense. While the trip is the same length, I spend more time being active; moving around. More time outside means more vitamin D from the sun, hence improved mood, and I’m also not sweaty every day like when I bike.

And, of Course:

  • Every morning I note the moon and stars visible to my left, and the lightening horizon to my right. Every morning I am serenaded by birdsong, startled by early dog walkers, and delighted by the showy display of sunrise.

  • Every morning—rain, shine, or snow—I’m in an excellent mood upon arriving at campus.

  • Every morning I have time to think over my morning, or the coming day, or the news report I heard on the AM radio, or just laugh out loud at something ridiculous that pops into my head.

 My wrist is mostly better, and I’ll begin biking again soon…maybe.