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Feb 10, 2011

Make My Logo Bigger - Now in Cream Form

By On 14:19
Haven't we all heard make my logo bigger, or there's too much white space or I need this to pop more from the client--or whoever you're designing for.

Make My Logo Bigger Cream

I emailed this link around back in my pre-blogging days and just came across it again.  This is dedicated to the frustrated designing masses.  Have a good laugh before you get back to using up some of that "real estate" that's going to waste.

Feb 9, 2011

By Request - InDesign Templates

By On 09:07
Communications Station is in the middle of a newsletter redesign. My advice is always 'work smarter, not harder'. There are templates that can be modified by--or at least--give inspiration to, the harried graphic designer. Now, if I can follow that advice, myself, I'm golden.

A few years back, around the height of CS3 or so, I went searching for a newsletter template for a writing class with Arthur Magida. I stumbled upon the Adobe Exchange. From time to time I still flip through the pages there. I'v e found tutorials, templates, graphics and outlines that have proved helpful in the past.

Check out "Browse  by Category" in the sidebar.

Envato Made my Day Today!

By On 08:51
In my Gmail box this morning is the latest monthly Envato Newsletter.

While in Grad School, I visited the ThemeForest site to browse through their templates for inspiration. Eventually, I bought one of their excellent, professional templates, and continued paging through their site. The following month I got their newsletter. It was okay, they hyped themselves and offered items for sale--you know, the usual stuff. When I got to the bottom of the page, I saw it. This Month's Freebies. I clicked the link and my eyes goggled. Their monthly freebies aren't throw away items either, they're high quality digital art: professional game graphics, in-depth design tutorials, multi-page Websites, studio quality audio productions, and sexy-futuristic motion graphics!

I've gotten used to high quality products from Envato. However, the February downloads have far surpassed my expectations.

 The Web template, Xero Portfolio, is sexy, Java-y, Lightbox-y, and full of options. I'm so Happy!

Feb 7, 2011

New Blog Design - The Preconceptionist

By On 11:51
I just spent the last 20 minutes finishing up a blog for my latest design barter.  It was part of a 2-blog redesign deal. For my efforts I will be getting a dope, handmade Tom Baker-esque Dr. Who scarf!!! DOPE!

Here are a couple shots of the design; I took two graphically challenged blogs and turned them into the sleek, sexy designs before you: