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Jun 6, 2010

I LOVE T-Shirts!

By On 11:52
One more stop motion piece. I created this for I love T-Shirts. Rebekah and Dan from Club Chuck starred and the music was lifted from DJ Medic (thanks).

Two Art Scapes ago they met me on campus and let me pose them, shoot them, and eventually make one of them into a t-shirt monster. The music's a bit loud, but this is a fun little piece.

Fresh Burrito

By On 11:36
Hey Hey. I totally forgot about this little gem.

I created a 30 sec spicy Burrito ad for the Chipotle contest back in 07. I bought some produce, beans and a burrito and took between 100 and 200 still images then strung them together in Final Cut.

ASIDE: Final Cut is the best program to edit any sort of video. From simple, silly things like this to artful and thoughtful documentaries like "The Tuskegee Airmen". If you're partial to imovie or flash for these projects give it a try you'll be impressed with the control and functionality.

Anyway, I love stop motion. Enjoy!

Jun 2, 2010

A Minute of Your Time, Please

By On 17:19

ACNM, my current employer and one of the great professional associations, has it's 55th Annual Meeting in a couple weeks. As part of the festivities--and to raise awareness of midwifery--we sponsor an annual video contest. In years past the contest was open to student members, the topic always being 'Why are You Becoming a Midwife?'

This year we opened the video contest up to all members and midwifery clients (or potential clients) nationwide. The response was overwhelming! The winning vids will premiere to our Saturday Night at the Movies viewers and then awarded prizes during the awards ceremonies.

As a promo, I put together a 60 second sample for our site...this is it.

"Because I wouldn't trust the health of my family to anyone else"