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Apr 21, 2014

2014 Intern Update

By On 12:14
This past semester I taught a design class that showed me the full spectrum of creativity and ability at my alma mater. There were a couple abysmally lazy students, some exceptionally talented and dedicated students, and everything in-between. It was a great experience.

In the course of the semester one student reached out to me for information on a  design software purchase—which version is best—then on the topic of the current job market for undergraduates. Over the three+ months she proved herself to be a meticulous worker, self-starter, talented graphic designer, and she’s also civically engaged. Exactly the traits I look for in summer assistant. I offered her the job before the semester was half-over.

While my course gave her a few good pieces to build her design portfolio, this summer posting offers the chance to work with a hugely talented multimedia designer, help build a mobile app in Adobe DPS, build some video and web skills, and build on her portfolio with advanced real-world projects.

I’m excited to give her the opportunity and also get her perspective on design!

P.S. I have two other student assistants that were thrust upon me by nepotism or something…more updates to follow

Apr 17, 2014

Awesome Animated GIFs

By On 09:35
Washington Post just tweeted this and I had to share. The Animated GIF has gone from unsophisticated cartoons meant to distract on early websites to  an art form.  The winner of the Inagural Motion Picture prize is shown at the top of the WP Style Blog article. However, these runner ups are my favorite:

Finalist, night category (Matthew Clarke/Image courtesy of the Saatchi Gallery, London)

Finalist, action category (Micaël Reynaud/Image courtesy of the Saatchi Gallery, London)

Apr 8, 2014

Teacher's Lesson

By On 08:36
As a new teacher I am privy to the highs and lows of the profession without that much commitment. Early in the semester I realized that my input, critique, and idiosyncrasies color the way that these budding creatives approach future design challenges. That realization took me back to a conversation I started last year with some of my professional peers.

Me: I had to chuckle when I came across these poster designs done in Max Boam and Bert Smith's classes... those two challenged me to grow as a designer.

A. Scott: I love Max Boam 

C. Ono: love max. He was so straightforward but helped me grow a lot. I asked him about a piece one time and I asked "does this look like crap?" and he said, "yes, yes I'm afraid it does." and ever since then, I ask myself that question all the time when reviewing my work and think if he would give me the same reply…

A. Willard: I can imagine Max saying that in his Brit accent...

C. Ono: That's what made it so polite 

Apr 7, 2014

Teaching Update!

By On 13:16
We’ve pretty much reached the halfway point of the semester and will be working with magazine spreads in the next big assignment- That will take us right into the mid-semester break. My very talented students will get a well-deserved week long break. Although we’re designing for the Bon Apatit target audience, these examples offer some fantastically creative design solutions for tackling the two-page spread. I found these excellent examples on Max Boam’s (my former Typorgaphy prof) blog, Type Eh?
Ah, sweet inspiration:

Apr 2, 2014

Quick Update...I'm Teaching

By On 06:00
Last fall I attended a grad school reunion held on the campus of my alma mater. There, a former professor asked me if I wanted to teach a class in spring. "Okay."

The semester is practically over and I love teaching! Most of my students are effin' awesome and my passion for design has been stoked. Why doesn't everyone do this???!!!