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Sep 14, 2010

Everybody Needs a Good Purge

By On 08:37
I decided to have a clothing swap at a local art/music venue. Thanks to Travis and our  long-shuttered clothing shop, Funk in the Trunk, there's more 70's fashion in my apartment than any other decade.

The swap will help whittle down the luggage,  plus all the leavings will go to Goodwill of Baltimore to further their mission of providing social services to women and children in our community.

After Sarah, owner of the Metro Gallery, gave me a date on her calendar, I had to scramble to get the name and logo together before I could even think of the logistics of the project.

The audience for this event--young women from 25-35, professional, fun, cute, wine enthusiasts, etc--is one I'm familiar with.  The first--and only--event names that came to me were ‘”Binge & Purge” and “Out with the Old, In with the Old”. I guess I really didn't need to do a poll to see which was more resonant, but I took one anyway.  Binge & Purge won by a landslide.

I chose the new and beautiful typeface, Gotham, as my primary. Then I married this with Goudy Old Style, a strong and lovely typeface with delicate serifs.  

These three images were to go on the FB event, but the dimensions were vertically stretched so I had to lose the girls in favor of the type only solution.