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Apr 27, 2009

The Vector logo resource

By On 16:52
I found brands of the world a few years ago and it's been invaluable in my student work. Simply type in company name or a key word and it list pops up. No more tracing in Illustrator using bad bitmap images of logos for school.

Antigua HouseRental

By On 16:40

This winter I got the chance to stay at my aunt and uncle’s awesome new house in our village. Now, back in the states, they’ve challenged me with creating a web site for their house. I’ve gone back and forth on the design and learned a few things in the process.

The more people stay at their vacation home, the more work I get to do. For now, page is a work in progress; there's always new blog posts to add/edit, and images come at varying speeds during the year.

“Good Hair” Newsletter

By On 16:15

I actually got excited for the first time about my hair! I have had a natural since I was about 18–after my 4 year experiment with perms. Now I’m a 29 year old grad student in Baltimore with a fro and yet another reason to love my hair. In my Editorial Style class our final project is to create a newsletter targeting a certain group/niche audience and write for them. The actual physical newsletter ends up being an afterthought when the writing-editing-re-writes are done. Since it’s a group project I latched onto the group with the topic that held the most interest for me; it turns out that a fellow student had recently embarked on the journey to natural, healthy, nappy hair and wanted to share her experience. Thus, the hypothetical quarterly “Good Hair” was born.

In writing and researching my 4 articles, I found several resources that I had neglected:

  • youtube how-to videos
  • natural hair blogs and forums
  • salons that cater to unprocessed crowns
  • books that advise and support
  • other women with kinky dos willing to share their knowledge
  • information, information, information.

I got excited again. The attached jpegs are 4 newsletter pages. They are student work and contain ultra-low res borrowed images.