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Oct 8, 2008

You’ve applied, interviewed, and got the offer!

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Now What?

When you get the job offer, don't be taken by surprise and forget to negotiate. You can't just blurt out a “Yes, when do I start.” Employers expect you to take time to consider the conditions of your employment.

This is your opportunity to establish your market value as a designer:
  1. Figure out your personal costs, cost of living, student load debt, etc. 
  2. Find out comparable companies in your region pay their graphic designers, and 
  3. Balance that information against your personal strength as a designer.

In addition to money, other things are definitely negotiable. Make a list of your desires and prioritize them.  Negotiable items in your offer may include health benefits, paid vacations, unpaid leave,  your start date, flex time, and daily working hours (not everyone thrives on a 9-5 schedule).

You can compromise on some items for others that are more important to you. Just be sure to be clear about the offer, ask questions, and take the time to consider it. Try to adjust whatever is not satisfactory now. It is important to start off a relationship with clarity and trust. 


Let's say you haven't gotten to this point yet, but the interviewer wants to nail down your price early in the interview process...learn how to handle that and other interview questions.