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Jun 6, 2014

Interview Question: What you Know About ‘Us’…

By On 06:33
This basically translates to, have you done your research?
The interview is never solely about you. What do you know about the company? Is it positive or potentially harmful to their brand? Have they won any recent design awards? ..updated their website or branding? …hosted successful events? …

Here's a great example of how one interviewee approached this question…

A good friend and colleague told me this scenario. It’s definitely relevant here.
"I once had in interview for a Webmaster post at an organization that’s walking-distance from my house. In reviewing their website before the interview I was surprised to notice that their website update footer said 2011 instead of this year. I made note of that and a few other web-related items that made me curious; non-responsive design, inaccessible image and media content, social media feeds with months old updates, etc...

After introductions were made, they jumped right in with their first question, “what do you think of our website?” I told them my findings and then offered them viable solutions—even though they didn’t ask for them...

The result was a lively conversation with panel about the latest in responsive web design practices, integrating social media, and my love of outdoor concerts (I swear). After we shook hands goodbye—and before I got back my apartment—they had called my references and left me a voicemail message regarding a job offer.

Jun 2, 2014

Great Leave Behind Ideas

By On 06:20
In doing some research I found several fantastic leave behind ideas for graphic design inspiration. If you opt for professional finishing or taking the handmade route, the leave behind is definitely worth it:

Most of these samples are on this Pinterest board (sources listed)

Here are a few others to get your creative juices flowing: