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Jan 22, 2011

Why Pro Bono?

Okay! I've been telling more folks about my non-paid graphic design work. The more I mention it, the more quizzical looks I get.

So, this post is a short explanation - by no means will it answer all the questions.

I began designing, in undergrad, after I had successfully changed my major for the 5th time; I found that I had an aptitude for the business side of creativity. Conversely, I also found that I had little aptitude for pursuing the American dream (as defined: acquisition of bigger and better status symbols, up to 2.5 kids, a shiny car, an ulcer, a nine-to-five, and an addiction to talking constantly about all of the above--I really should've started with a disclaimer about my opinion before I got into this, too late).

To feed my growing love for graphic arts, I offered my services for cheap or free to anyone in need. This practice earned me a few bucks, but also a lot of practice. I began to appreciate different styles/types of design work. I also learned more about myself. The easier projects to complete always involved my creating identities/collateral for individuals or small groups who had passion, drive, ingenuity, and an undefeatable entrepreneurial spirit; you know, the little guy.

So, why pro bono? Because my passion lies with the little guy; the one with more ambition than cash, the one with a dream of a brighter future for us all, the one who takes that great blindfolded leap into uncertainty, the one led by her/his heart.

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