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Dec 12, 2014

Creative Commons Photo Round Up.....

Note: Not all images shared from these sites are necessarily free-to-use. Be sure to review the license details before using any image that isn’t yours in your collage:
  • Flickr: Must check search options boxes for “Find Content to Modify, Adapt, and Build Upon”
  • Wikimedia Commons: Thousands of worldwide images licensed under Creative Commons.
  • stock.xchng: More than 350,000 free photo images, searchable.
  • dreamstime: Free section of a very large photo images archive. Excellent quality images.
  • morgueFile: More than 200,000 free photo images, searchable in several ways, including by color and topic.
  • WorldImages: About 75,000 international images, well-organized by content areas and searchable.
  • U.S. Government Images: Photos produced by U.S. Government employees are copyright-free. This site has a selection of links to different government agencies’ collections.
Stock Images can be expensive, those of us in the non-profit sector, education, and rapidly-shrinking in house design departments are well aware.  Here are some sites that can give you the free images that you need to really make your designs pop!
Public Domain images and materials are ‘publicly available’ and not covered by intellectual property or copyrights. Today, graphic a design and digital media is abundant, so there is a high demand for images for use in print, web, and multimedia.
Here are are four public domain sites to pin and save. Enjoy:


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