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In the home studio with my bikes!
When I’m not designing –or stressing out about design—I’m biking around my awesome city, taking pictures, attending a concert, talking smack, or looking very continental while dining al fresco.

I’m a Maryland-based graphic designer with a passion for shopping, travel, health and nutrition, and the work of NGOs. While I'm from in the British Virgin Islands, my heart feels at home here on the East coast.

I started my post-secondary education as an art major then moved to nutrition and dietetics-I’d had hopes of parlaying my knowledge and passion into a private practice that included: an on-site gym and personal trainer, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, another registered dietitian, and a journal published paper every-now-and-again.Yes, seriously.

I'm living, breathing proof that things change. About half-way through my undergrad nutrition program I grew dissatisfied with the university I attended and opted for a change. This change led me back to the arts, and to my favorite university in Maryland, and to my fabulous career in graphic design.

After a Bachelors, and now Master’s degree in Publications Design, I use my talents in aid of non-profit organizations, small companies and individuals who require advanced design services. There's always work to be done.

I started the blog after using and plugging Bittbox.com for many moons. The idea was to have a place where I could ask and answer questions, show off my work, plug awesome sites like DaFont, and basically share what's in my brain.

Simone Jenifer Christian