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Oct 18, 2010

Two Weeks Mac-less

The new laptop is a Sony Vaio with CS5 and the newest version of MS Office. I’ve been on a quest for an Apple-free existence since the springtime customer service cock-up when I tried to:  
  • Buy a new Mac desktop  
  • Replace the new desktop that arrived at my house cracked 
  • Cancel the replacement 
  • Get my money back (after over a month with no computer) 
The customer service experience was terrible. Based on weeks of being treated like garbage while attempting to spend thousands of dollars, I chose to move away from Apple. I opted for a Sony machine. 

In undergrad, I was surprised to learn that while we graphic design students swore by Apple Macbooks and Imacs, the game design students all programmed on Vaios. The high-end professional machines are sleek, light and fast as shit! Picking the Sony brand was a no brainer for me. 

When my F-series laptop showed up I had no idea how to work the damn thing. All I knew was that I’d need a bigger briefcase to accommodate the larger screen. In older Windows machines, font management was not intuitive; I had to suppress my initial freak out when I went looking for fonts in the "Control Panel". I probably shouldn’t have freaked out. Font management is much simpler, and there are previews like with Fontbook. 

Granted I haven’t opened MS Office on it yet--but the commercials on Hulu all claim it's awesome, functional and intuitive--we'll see.  I will make another update when it’s been a month.

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