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Nov 1, 2014

The Next Best App...

After the  launch of the campus mobile apps, I was approached by a potential client asking for a new mobile app that shares mindfulness and relaxation exercises. WHAT!!

It's definitely a project that I want to build. My goal in this design is to get it done quickly. I hate to say it, but I  really want to see the finished product  and have it downloaded on my device and in my hot little hands.

There are a few snags or challenges that I must overcome with this project, however:

  • the existing color palette is not wholly harmonious,
  • the client's limited time and expertise in creating media for this project 
  • the general lack of supplemental media (photos, logos, audio, video)
  • did I mention the color palette?
So far in the timeline, I  have made the general outline and creative brief--it's been approved but the client, and there are about 2 dozen preliminary sketches in my notebook (on my desk, in my laptop bag, holding my page in a graphic novel I'm currently reading…everywhere).

Scans and screen captures are coming shortly--because I'll need help and lots of critical eyes on this one.

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