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Apr 2, 2013

El Viajar: Late Night Musings

Miercoles / Wednesday:

Stayed up late into the morning contemplating the water cycle. Here in Pto. Viejo it functions practically like clockwork.

Sunrise and Sunset over Puerto Viejo

  • The constant beating of the waters on the sand and the high daytime heat creates a steady stream of moisture raising up into the air. This eventually forms clouds.
  • The clouds coagulate and obscure the early evening sun, always around 4pm, making a less-than-spectacular sunset. I’d wager that the residents of this Caribbean pueblo have never seen the orange fingers of night drag across the vast sky as it deepens from blue to purple to black.
  • Then at 10pm the rains start. Fat drops of water speed toward the coast. It rains for 1-4 hours—depending on the previous day’s temperature—then it stops and the sun rises on a cool, moist land. The sunrise always begins with enough cloud cover to show off it’s evaporative powers. As Sol raises over the sea the clouds thin to wisps within 30 minutes. 

ON SHARKS: I have a lot of nerve believing that of all the hundreds of people bathing in the waters along the coast I am just important enough to warrant a shark attack. I mean, really.

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