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Nov 10, 2014

Productivity: There’s an App for That

Actually, there isn’t.

Image Source : Owl ToDo List by ByGirlParty,
Building my weekly to-to list has never been a chore. As I’m the first person in the office, I take 30 minutes on Monday of each week to compile, audit, and edit my list before moving on to the next 60 minutes of social media management, then the next 60 minutes of research, then a snack, then an afternoon of graphic design, or trainings, or trouble shooting various software, etc. before my bike ride home.

This Monday morning list often proves to be the most important component to my productivity.

All of my past communications directors figured out that trick, and planned weekly team meetings early in the week, first thing in the morning. We’d meet briefly, add or subtract from our lists, and transition smoothly into the work week. This team activity also meant that we all got 30 minutes of weekly face time regardless of the workload. It was an excellent way to stay on track.

Now that I’m in IT, the tables have turned. In lieu of that important team building time we’re experimenting with building online to-do list boards (think Pinterest), and sharing these virtually with other team members. In essence, my Instructional Designer can login to this site, and view my tasks and schedule. She can add to or subtract from my list, and make notes on my boards. This App virtually * eliminates the need for us to ever meet again.

An online board that tracks lists, progress, and responsible parties on a project is a cool idea. It has the potential to streamline the way that both me and my team work, view progress, and remain accountable.

That said, losing the face time element of brief weekly meetings means losing these moments:

  • “I almost forgot to tell you,” or “thanks for reminding me of…”
  • Team members A&B attended a conference, and this is what they want to share with the team…
  • I’ve run into that problem with X before, this is how it’s resolved…
  • Did you know….

Today was my first day of using this app board to build my list. I took me more time than usual, as I’m transcribing from my paper notes into this tool, Trello. While not 100% optimistic of it’s efficacy, I’m interested to see what potential long term benefits this app offers…

...to be continued

* That was sarcasm

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