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Jul 19, 2010

Rant: Apple, iPhone, iMac, MacBook

Apple has gotten its last dollar from me.  I’ve always been true to Apple. The desktop that I purchased last month was to be my fourth Apple computer and the first desktop I’ve EVER bought.  Unfortunately, the machine turned up with a crack in the screen.  After getting jerked around by the nads for weeks by the geniuses in their call center, I’ve had enough.

You see, in my attempt to re-order my exciting new machine, I was:
  • hung up upon 
  • transferred from department to department
  • deceived about a return mailing label that was never sent
  • and generally treated poorly by a company that has several thousands of my hard-earned dollars!!
The rude,  stupid,  customer care staff in the call center placed me on hold for no less than 30 of the 35-45 minutes I spent on each call with them, and I got an ulcer from internalizing my hatred and ire–lest I be hung up upon again. 
I just had my last contact with Apple, three minutes ago. I checked on the status of my refund and was kindly reassured that it was processed and cleared through my bank by Joan—likely the only competent customer care rep in their entire call center.  

I have one final phone call to make to ensure that I’m rid of Apple for good.  I’m calling AT&T and bidding their asses “adeiu”, too.

My heart aches for those struggling with the newest iPhone. Good luck getting any help on the phone.


Bobby G said...

So where do you turn, Dell?

Simone Jenifer said...

I've no idea. I have plans to build a machine and trick it out to work compatibly with Apple products and Windows. That probably means I'll have to learn a bit more about Unix--and it's not before time, either!

nicole said...

I think that's probably why I'm slow to embrace new tech products like cell phones. I'm always behind, like, say, a year! I wait until all the kinks are worked out...plus I can get it cheaper!