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Jul 12, 2013

Where have all the Graphic Design Jobs Gone??

For the first time in recent history--four years or so--the graphic design job market does not lead the pack in creative services job postings. A newly graduated friend sent me his portfolio to review and then wanted to talk about the fact that his job search seemed to be in limbo. He's been applying for a couple months now, with nary a nibble.

I've also noticed that the number of job offerings for "keyword: graphic design" seems light. On a search last week the SimplyHired.com interface yielded exactly two new jobs offered in a 7-day time frame. Graphic designer positions are being replaced by interaction design, web and social media design, UI/UX design, and instructional design. Can we see a theme developing here? 

The jobs of yesteryear that focused on print marketing, direct mail, and analog client contact are now replaced with the dynamic and/or social design positions. We can't get away from it. The medium is changed.

So, what does a designer who is adept at print do to compete? Grow. Evolve.

I had to remind my friend of his strong portfolio and highly developed creative skills. Moving from print to electronic media is a natural progression; while the platform changes the comprehension of good design, audience and research doesn't. The to-do list--we penned together--included taking some professional development and then expanding his freelance base--taking on a couple social media building/management clients to get started.

"Look for free or inexpensive ways to get professional development."

I'm looking forward to hearing about his progress--and he can take me out to lunch after he lands the next awesome job.


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