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Apr 21, 2014

2014 Intern Update

This past semester I taught a design class that showed me the full spectrum of creativity and ability at my alma mater. There were a couple abysmally lazy students, some exceptionally talented and dedicated students, and everything in-between. It was a great experience.

In the course of the semester one student reached out to me for information on a  design software purchase—which version is best—then on the topic of the current job market for undergraduates. Over the three+ months she proved herself to be a meticulous worker, self-starter, talented graphic designer, and she’s also civically engaged. Exactly the traits I look for in summer assistant. I offered her the job before the semester was half-over.

While my course gave her a few good pieces to build her design portfolio, this summer posting offers the chance to work with a hugely talented multimedia designer, help build a mobile app in Adobe DPS, build some video and web skills, and build on her portfolio with advanced real-world projects.

I’m excited to give her the opportunity and also get her perspective on design!

P.S. I have two other student assistants that were thrust upon me by nepotism or something…more updates to follow

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