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Apr 2, 2013

Comparing the Caribbean

Ticos and Dogs

Tico taking his dog for a swim
The people of Costa Rica love their dogs...this is in stark contrast to the way we treat dogs back in my neck of the Caribbean. Here they dote on, play with, cherish and respect their canines. As a result the dogs are all friendly and bite only when being playful.

At home, dogs are generally chained to a stake and left to protect the home. They are often dehydrated, underfed and beaten regularly—as far as I’m concerned, it’s our national shame. Antiguan dogs bark incessantly and can be quite unpredictable because of the persistent fear in which they live. They don’t bond with their masters. So, at night, Antiguan dogs revert to a quasi-feral state and form packs. These large dog packs roam the city streets fighting, or hunting, or just striking fear into humans that they reluctantly protect by day.

 At night the Pto. Viejo dogs sleep in a quiet corner until the morning, content that each human that they encounter will be a friend. There are no territorial displays when dogs encounter strangers—canine or human—when they meet during the day. It’s a bit different if a stranger enters the yard at night, of course.

This little doggie found Rob irresistible. She refused to listen to her owner and instead came over to kiss and love on this vacationing tourist!!! 

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