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Nov 12, 2015

Stuff I’ll Miss About my Job (III)

In summer it's easy to find a quiet
place to get work done.
It’s been 3 years at Loyola and I’ve definitely learned a lot about higher education, technology, instructional design and multimedia. One reason that I made the move to this small-ish private university was because I wanted the chance to work with more motion multi-media and video in my design work. Mission accomplished!

It's important to note: in 3+ years I've worn many hats; one of designer and communications manager, one of writer/ editor for print and digital publications  one of multi-media and web developer, one of software tester, and another of trainer / workshop presenter and designer of professional development on a regular basis, and also occasional podcast host.

In under a week I leave this post for my next big adventure. Without much more ado:

I'll Really Miss

  • Most of my awesome team.
  • Opportunities to do more. This is a blessing and a curse. As the sole graphic and multimedia designer in the IT department, I was tasked with a lot of cool, fun, dynamic projects; like this,
Designing event promotions was a large part of my work. This is my very last one.
Truly, a beautiful campus.
  • Flexibility in schedule. Which other companies out there will accommodate my early-bird waking schedule?
  • My extensive work wardrobe. It's a shadow of it's former self, today.
  • Lovely campus and peaceful commute! 

Stuff I Won't Miss Very Much, at all

  • Olfactory evidence of *Brian's lactose intolerance.
  • I stand byt this: Cube farms suck.
  • Sub-par communication. Who knew that nonprofits had figured out the right formula. Face-to-face contact is key.
  • Eye strain! Five days out of the last 365 I have come home from a long day of design with unbearable eye pain. No more, I say!
Now that that's all said, I'm truly excited about my awesome new job!
(Name's been changed)

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