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May 23, 2012

This Week: 40th Birthday Party

Remember this fun letterpress-style design from 2011? It's been re-purposed as the concept for an 40th birthday party invitation.  My sketch book has 3 pages of refinements of the latest design, but this page is the most coherent >> >>

To flesh out this concept, I went back to the 70's in my mind.  This was the era of the three-martini lunch, black and white teevee, a rotary phone in every parlor, Herb Lubalin and Avant Garde, flared jeans, the Jimmy Castor Bunch. I resisted the inclination to gravitate toward some of the more dated type faces; instead choosing classic serifs and deco-style sans. I skirted the cliches.

The brown texture in sample1 is a creative common found at www.bittbox.com. I always go back to this set of freebies when I need a background that begs to be touched. In this example the opacity is set at 100%--this will likely change as the design progresses.
I found the vector shapes at www.thenounproject.com and recreated them in Illustrator...each sample is slightly different:

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Simone Jenifer said...

The crit and feedback so far is luke. Updates to come.