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May 19, 2014

This Week: Planning DPS Mobile App

Late last summer I got the proclamation from on high that my team was entering the mobile app business. After purchase of DPS we’d be tasked with creating a digital mobile app to distribute to our various constituent groups. And I’d be in charge. It was an exciting prospect and the time has finally come for this work to begin.

This community technology mobile app—that drops in a few months—will be written by me, designed by me, tested by me, and marketed by me. Sound like fun? In the past week I’ve created a rough outline, listed existing and necessary assets, and worked out an editorial schedule; that’s right, I’ve got to create copy for a couple dozen articles of varying lengths. My calendar has already been blocked out and the editorial process begins next week. Following that, I’ll visit our marketing department to scour their image database for photogenic people interacting with technology to liberally pepper the app pages. Then the real work begins.

Also in the last week I checked out some fantastic DPS apps for inspiration. That was a fruitful endeavor. In addition to seeing how developers market their completed creations, I also downloaded several of the design and played with the functionality. Skylife is my absolute favorite!

More to come!

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