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Jun 10, 2013

This Week: HTML5 Video Player

Hey I just realized that I haven't made any recent updates on my work projects. It's that that I haven't been busy because I have! Recently completed was a web style guide for online courses, plus a workshop on using video lecture capture. Also a book and presentation of effective graphic design. There's also the freelance website project for a local Lutheran church, and I can't forget the infographic project that's almost complete. There're one or 2 other things, for now take a look a the evolution of the HTML5 video player that I've been developing for my university's streaming media server:

This is the final version. Look below for all it's iterations.

This screenshot looks more sophisticated than the actual page.

More realistic.
This is the out-of-the-box, page that I threw together. T'was step 1.

We started with this Open Source Flash Media Player that only supported FLVs. With the advent of HTML5 and the proliferation of mobile and handheld devices, Flash is now only  a good fallback option, not a first solution.

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