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May 1, 2012

One of the most valuable lessons taught to undergrad design students at University of Baltimore comes in the form of a class called Print Design. This elective class takes students through every step of the design process; from conceptualization, revision, and completion. However, the main focus of the class is getting it printed.

Instructor Bert Smith uses the resource text Getting It Printed to teach the ins and outs of the printing process. Students learn terminology, binding styles, measuring lines of type, the difference between: various paper weights, emboss, deboss, letterpress and sheet fed printing, different paper finishes, and die cutting, plus everything in between. This is book is a valuable resource and a definite keeper post-graduation.

Getting It Printed takes a comprehensive look at how to work with printers on everything from estimates, pricing and negotiating to trade customs and quality guidelines. It has been a primary resource for the production industry for over 17 years, offering practical, jargon-free information about how to stay on schedule, control costs, and get quality results. Now in its 4th edition, this invaluable reference continues to offer tried and true printing advice and has been updated to include all the latest digital technologies and reflect changes in the printing industry.

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