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Jan 24, 2011

Packaging Redesign - Now Essential Oils

This, I love! The apothecary look is gone; replaced with fresh greens, clean type, and modern lines.

I'll let you examine all the changes for yourself, but I do want to address the product description typography. "Peppermint" on the original label is rendered in a  hand-tooled script (it also says 'peppermint oil'). The new white label renders the word in a large, lower-case sans serif. This word now vertically balances with the newly redesigned logo ("now"). I think the typeface is Euphemia UCAS with lost of comfy, spacious kerning.

Overall, the new label design brings now into the 21st century. I will also mention that the label is now made of that slick plastic material where the original was coated paper.

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