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Dec 4, 2013

This Week: Website Redesign

This week is actually a bear. I've had meetings and appointments early and for the next two days there will be 8-hour trainings. The icing promises to be a few more meetings on Friday followed by a brainstorming session with a student; who knows how that will turn out.

My free time is occupied with a fun web project, that will encompass social branding as well as the redesign of two sites. This client is a dynamic accountant--you heard me--who needs an online refresh. I've just got some preliminary before and afters. There will be more about the process as this project nears it's end. For now, here are a couple quick pics:

This is the starting point...

This is a bit of the new homepage. The redesign incorporates responsive design, numerous images, less-prominent social media links, and a more clear navigation:

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