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Jul 16, 2013

This Week: Preparing a Seminar on Online / Hybrid Course Design

Online Course Design is Web Design

I really can't go into all of the details right now, but I will make the presentation available online to the Instructional Design Group for feedback once my first draft is complete. The goal of this training is to help instructors organize their course content to keep students engaged. Too often, academics believe that online instruction is akin to in-person, and it's not. Lectures no longer work. Therefore, presenting wordy blocks of text and exhaustive lists will get your course content ignored. Period.

Broken down to the barest of facts,  effective course pages and homepages both:

  • introduce the subject matter, 
  •  present clear navigation, 
  •  are easy to visually scan, 
  • and lead to more in-depth, robust content.

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