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May 13, 2013

Five Resume Mistakes

These common resume mistakes make it hard to get into the call-back pile. Avoid these if you want to be taken seriously

1. Unattractive Formatting - Presentation matters as much as content.
Think about it like this: if you had a huge stack of resumes on your desk, would you be more likely to pick up the easy-to-read, well-formatted one, or the confusing one? Exactly! Create your resume in sections, keep the information clean and organized.
2. Grammatical Errors and Typos - Most hiring managers will stop reading as soon as they reach one of these ugly little mistakes. Not only does it show your lack of written communication skills, it also tells them that you don’t really care about the job.
3. Cutesie/ Unprofessional Email Address
4. Missing Accomplishments - Include accomplishments with-or instead of--your duties list.
5. Long-Winded Resumes - There are many opinions on resume length. It's my strong belief that a single pager is sufficient in our field. Be concise, and go for quality not quantity.

Adapted from an article on the SimplyHired Blog. Get more details at blog.simplyhired.com

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