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Apr 3, 2013

Typography: Grad School Redux

In going through my first TB drive and cleaning up files, I came across a fun project assigned by Max Boam. I loved this typography poster project: select type designer and interpret one of their typefaces in a calendar. I chose Herb Lubalin's Avant Garde.

This was my first go round . . . I think I'mma plop this guy into my portfolio for nostalgias sake:

{I'll be sure to make a more realistic mock-up if I do.}
I was about to post this article when I came across the Herb Lubalin Poster that I did in my UNDERGRAD poster design class.  Barring the color palette, two years didn't change my grid much. I think that I approached the projects with such a reverence for Mr. Lubalin that I was scared to take many chances with the design . . . it's kinda cute  if you think about it:

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