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Dec 11, 2012

The Online Portfolio

Today is the perfect day to get started on yours. OR to update your existing online presence with recent work!

Having an online portfolio does a lot to boost your street cred among potential clients and employers. It’s also:

More Convenient than a Resume
and saves time in a job search.
This tool gives potential employers and clients a preview of your skills and abilities. In addition to the pieces that you present, folks are impressed by the design of the portfolio site and the user experience.

Showcases Your Talents
Online portfolios instantly show off your work. To establish yourself in this industry, let your designs do the talking!

Makes you Readily Accessible
Having your portfolio online makes you accessible to clients worldwide, instantly. This can open up opportunities to work internationally. Potential clients from other regions are now able to access your portfolio and maybe even hire you! Plus your contact information / link helps get contacts in touch immediately.

Saves Time
Virtually all e
mployers have embraced the concept of online portfolios. They expect to see you’re your samples when you apply for a position in their company.Look at it from their perspective. Employers have to search dozens of resumes, choose the right candidates, schedule and conduct interviews. This is very time consuming and virtually impossible without design samples. Having an online portfolio saves employers time and they can see your design work instantly, enabling them to find the right fit for their company.

If you don't have the time to code a site yourself, here's a list of great website and portfolio resources for you to check out. Compare all five: 

  • CarbonMade: Cutesie. 
  • Coroflot: A simple way to connect with creative opportunities worldwide. Upload your portfolio, connect with other designers, or post jobs.
  • BeHance:  a favorite of design professionals nation-wide. The javascript that powers this site is elegant and lovely.
  • Jobrary  and Krop:  Both sites have similar look and services. The site is UI is clean and minimalist.
A great alternative is to use a blog site and create something a bit more interactive. I always suggest Blogger, Wordpress or Tumblr to those who ask, but using social media site is also a great way to do this. TwitPics, FB pages, or even LinkedIn updates are becoming fantastic designers' tools for highlighting work.

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