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Oct 16, 2012

What is a Leave Behind?

Postcard serise by: http://iwonak.com/tag/postcards/
Simply put, a leave behind a physical object that you leave behind after an interview. This media helps the interviewer or potential client to remember you. The object can range from the mundane (business card)—to the functional (printed portfolio)—to the elaborate (folding portfolio poster with DVD insert).

To Create a Good Leave Behind:
  1. Keep your brand consistent. Any logos, typography, graphic elements in use on your resume or website should be represented here.
  2. Stay true to you. It should reflect they type and style of work that you produce.
  3. Make it easy to handle. Origami Folding cranes are relaxing to make and beautiful to behold, but impractical for job-seekers. So , keep it simple

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