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Sep 23, 2011

This Week: Middle of a Poster Series

Take a look at the "Beginning of a Poster Series" for a snapshot of the progress.

I went on a site visit to the location of the recognition event, and got a wake-up call. The walls will not frame a vertical orientation well.  Actually those walls could take a vertical , but my design would need to be  much more narrow.  So, here's what the first set have morphed into :

The color scheme and tulle pattern give a layer of elegance--not to mention the addition of a faded drop cap in Vivaldi Italic.  I'm still working on the framing of the portrait (I think a tighter crop might work better than what you're looking at now). To get to this point in  the design process I worked on several layouts in this color space. I experimented with making different elements of the palette the primary color. Don't scream :

Please note: the difference in the focus of these posters and the ones from series one. Emphasis is now on the individuals rather than on their accomplishments.   

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