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Aug 31, 2011

Using Stock?

I'm sick of catching bad stock being used poorly.  I can't deal--it's like adding insult to injury (I'll plan a future rant about cliches).
In a recent hunt round the Web I came across a very familiar bit of stock--I think we all know the multi-colored hands reaching into the circle. Well, AARP did some minor tweaking and gave that vector back some of its pride:

The stylized human form--that we all default to at some point in our career--is the domain of the Noun Project.  This designer used the semantic vector art to create a clever narrative in 3 characters:

Finally, this stock photo is one I've seen before but chose not to touch with a t 10-foot pole. The daring designer grabbed this heinous pic and used it to his advantage; making a poster that cleverly spoke  to his audience :

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