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Dec 8, 2015

This Week: Plan , Promote, (Pour)

This winter I got to plan the Office of Educational Technology Open House for the Technology Incubator Lab. Planning began in early fall and ended with this event. This was the start of our winter season and a great kickoff for the Ed Tech Team. Especially after having outrnew branding in place (and fabulous)!

And there was wine… thanks Bota Box.

For my part, I worked to:
  • design the digital and print invitations and hand-delivered several (very old school)
  • setup the lab furniture using the latest in collaborative learning space design models—allowing for individual work and group work—as in focus groups or meeting participants, 
  • setup Recording studio for optimal efficiency—if not lighting, I prefer a more subtly lit room than most of my peers), 
  • laid out refreshments and try-before-you-by technology tables (my favorite was the robot phone, but there were also Mac Book air, iPad pro, Surface Pro, Logitech headset microphones, and Apple Watch), and
  • helped demo all of the fun technology to the steady stream of visitors who visited the lab.

This meant that I was busy from before the start until the end of the day…almost too busy to snap pictures. Here are few of the images I got during the most successful technology open house in recent history:
Demo technology included this Surface Pro, iPad pro, Mac Book Air, and much more...

You may not see the "Robot Phone' but it can see you...

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