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Dec 20, 2010

Tax Time Write-Off

At the start of tax season, freelancers and consultants need to sort through receipts to get the itemized list together.  Here’s my short list of work-related expenses:

  • Marc Train Tickets / DC Metro Tickets / Road tires for my bike(tis a stretch)
  • New Laptop
  • CS5
  • Lacie 1TB portable drive
  • Lacie 500GB portable Drive
  • HP scanner
  • USB Hub
  • 5 Sketchbooks
  • CA magazine subscription (must purchase this week)
  • Rainbow Pentels and Charcoal pencils
  • Pantone Color book
  • 1 Art Gum eraser
  • Letramax boards
  • 2 reams Hammerhill 70lb cover
  • UB Lab Card
  • Toner
  • Home Office

I normally don’t count the charitable donations, but this year, that $75 is on the list baby.