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Dec 6, 2010

Job Search Advice for New Graduates

I went to the design studio on Friday to print some comps and ran into a student I knew from grad school.  *Randy, who will graduate soon,  had one question for me while I adjusted the print setup. He queried, "You just graduated, right? Is it really tough out there?" I know that's 2 questions, but the important one is obviously the second. Randy was referring to the job market.

My answer: yes, it's tough as hell out there. You need to know what  kind of design job or work environment you're looking for.  Apply only for jobs that you want, instead of casting a wide net and applying for positions that either a.) don't interest you, or b.) don't match with your goals and aspirations. Be selective and only take the time to  go after jobs that you actually want. It'll make you happier in the long run.

This is something I've always believed and it hasn't let me down yet.

The second part of my recommendation went: don't wait for graduation to begin looking. If you've already identified your ideal work environment, start your job search now. This means:

  1. update your resume, 
  2. print and format your portfolio, 
  3. network and make inquiries, 
  4. and apply.
* pseudonym


Melissa Garvey said...

Nice blog! I agree with your approach to job searching--only apply for jobs you want. Sometimes I look at job descriptions I would be qualified to do, but it kills a little bit of my soul just reading it.

Simone Jenifer said...

I know exactly what you mean. The way I combat the soul killing moment is to email the job to a designer or friend that I know is also qualified in the position --and more interested!